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Lost and Found Recovery Systems

Finding Unclaimed Money – Sydney – Melbourne – Brisbane – Perth – Darwin – Adelaide – Hobart

Finding Unclaimed Australian Money is What We Do Best!!

Imagine finding hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars in cash that you never knew you had!

Lost and Found Recovery Systems, a private Recovery Agency that specialises in finding Australian unclaimed money.

Skilled, Experienced, Professional Unclaimed Money Agents

“Unclaimed funds” laws are inconsistent across Australian states.
Furthermore, acts in each state may be  pre-empted by numerous others. This is where our extensive skill and expertise in finding unclaimed money becomes crucial. We possess the necessary knowledge to find un-recovered Australian money quickly and efficiently.

Accessing Various Institutions for Unclaimed Australian Money

We specialise in finding un-recovered money for Australians who have either lost track of their accounts, relocated or died. Our knowledge and technological expertise allows us to find un-recovered money held by one if the following

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Financial Institutions

This includes unclaimed Australian money from banks, credit unions, building societies, insurance companies, and friendly societies. If your account has not been accessed for over 7 years, your funds may have been transferred from one of these institutions to the Commonwealth Government. We can help you find unclaimed Australian money being held by financial institutions and the Commonwealth Government.


We can help you in finding unclaimed money from companies. This money comes from shares that may have been acquired in a company takeover.

Government Agencies

Australian Commonwealth and state governments hold unclaimed money transferred from financial institutions, superannuation funds, retirement savings account providers, unclaimed salaries and wages and monies owed by legal practitioners and real estate agents.
Lost and Found Recovery Services is experienced at finding unclaimed money held by Australian government institutions.

How it all Works

Let me explain the process of how money is handed over as unclaimed.

A Company or person due to death, liquidation, forgetfulness or neglect will leave money in an institution whether it be a Bank, Insurance Company or Government Office etc. A letter or cheque will be sent to the rightful owner at the last known address. If the letter is lost in the mail or does not reach you for what ever reason, your money is transferred into a trust account, where it remains until it is claimed by its rightful owner – If this does not occur within a certain time frame the money gets absorbed by one of many government institutions. It becomes Government Funds and you have NO CHANCE of recovering it.

Whats disturbing is the fact that only 2% of rightful owners claim there money. 98% are simply not aware of there entitlement , this is where LOST AND FOUND RECOVERY SYSTEMS undertake the vital role of making individuals and businesses aware that they are entitled to that money and assist ing them in its recovery .

LOST AND FOUND RECOVERY SYSTEMS specialize in recovering unclaimed funds and returning it to its rightful owners.
LOST AND FOUND RECOVERY SYSTEMS are seriously committed to putting money back into the pockets of fellow Australians

LOST AND FOUND RECOVERY SYSTEMS charges NO UPFRONT FEES OR COST – THATS NIL COST !! A small fee is charged when we succesfully recover your money. NO RECOVERED FUNDS, NO CHARGE – this means you have NOTHING TO LOSE AND EVERYTHING TO GAIN. Our staff have to do all the running around ensuring that you have a water tight claim that your cheque is processed as quickly as possible

You don’t get paid, We don’t get paid.

Dont give your money to the Government, ACT NOW by sending the completed Authority to release form ( in our letter package) with letter on letterhead giving us permission to release your money and the required proof of identity.

Proof Of Identity

No claim can be processed without the appropriate proof of identity,  it is very important to us.
Provide us the required proof of Identity – so we can establish your rightful ownership.


Terms and Conditions

Lost And Found Recovery Systems can not disclose the source of your funds unless we have your signed authority – national recovery fee is 18 % of all monies recovered, payable only upon recovery of funds – Every effort is made by Lost And Found Recovery Systems are returned to you within 8 weeks from receipt off ALL correct documentation required to process the claim – however Lost And Found Recovery Systems and its employees are not responsible for any delays in processing the claim and accept no responsibility for any delays in processing of the claim and accept no responsibility for any claim loss , or liability arising from such delays – Any correspondence and or communications , the accuracy or reliability of information provided is not guaranteed or warranted in any way and Lost And Found Recovery Systems, its agencies, representatives , subsidiaries and affilliates disclaim liability of any kind what so ever , including and without limitation liability for accuracy , quality , performance or reliability for a particular purpose arising out of the information provided -Acceptance of our service is automatic acceptance of all Lost And Found Recovery Systems terms and conditions

If you are having trouble getting hold of the requested documentation, please call.

Glen Dawson  – Director 

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